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It's time to update your headache-inducing annual employee performance evaluations and say hello to CPM with BetterWorks.

Continuous Performance Management™ (CPM) is an innovative new approach for increasing employee engagement and driving better results for your organization. Unlike traditional performance management, CPM helps employees easily align their personal goals with desired company outcomes, while providing them with ongoing feedback, frequent coaching conversations and increased recognition.


Individuals are 42% more
likely to achieve their goals
by writing them down


67% say managers spend
too little time having ongoing
conversations with employees about performance

Peer Feedback

65% of employees want
more feedback


69% of employees say
they would work harder if
their efforts were better recognized

What Is Continuous Performance

Old way

  • Review-centric
  • Annual
  • Hierarchical
  • Rear-facing
  • Time-consuming

New way

  • Goal-centric
  • Ongoing Conversations
  • Networked Feedback
  • Forward-looking
  • Effortless Evaluations

There are several key components of a Continuous Performance Management
approach that contrast with the traditional performance review process


The old way was all about the annual performance review, but with CPM, the focus is on setting goals that are aligned with the organization and have clear deadlines and milestones.

Ongoing Conversations

Rather than a once-a-year annual review, with CPM you achieve better alignment through a series of conversations, check-ins and progress updates between managers and employees.

Networked Feedback

The traditional performance review is typically a hierarchical, tops-down manager evaluation. CPM facilitates better 360 feedback from peers, direct reports and others throughout the organization.


A performance review is just that, a look back at the last year. With CPM, you look forward to align work with outcomes and recognize employee achievements.

Effortless Evaluation

Because all the information on an employee’s achievements and feedback is captured in a single solution, CPM makes the task of producing an assessment at the end of the quarter or year easy.

What Are the Benefits of
Continuous Performance Management?

Continuous Performance Management maximizes your organization’s most valuable asset: your people. Putting employee performance at the center of your business helps answer your most strategic HR questions, such as how to identify your top performers, how to improve employee engagement, and how to build a culture of accountability.

Organizations that move to CPM report a 12-14% improvement in organizational execution. By ensuring performance aligns with critical business goals, your employees, managers and the entire organization benefit.

CPM leads to:

increase in employee

increase in performance
review efficiency

increase in quality of
goal data

increase in the value of
conversations and peer

Who Is Having Success With CPM?

Already 26% of companies have implemented CPM within their organizations, and another 55% of HR executives say they are planning to move to this approach. BetterWorks customers like BMW, Schneider Electric and A+E Networks are leading the CPM revolution. See how they use BetterWorks to empower employees:


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