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Traditional performance management just isn't working. Today's HR leaders want an easy, better way to help managers become effective coaches and improve employee performance.

Here's the reality:


Only 6% of organizations believe their current process for managing performance is worth the time


Less than one-third (31.5%) of U.S. workers are engaged in their jobs


Already, 10% of Fortune 500 companies have done away with the annual performance review

Paul D. Hamerman
Once-a-year or every six-months feedback is not frequent enough to meet the ever-changing pace of business. Paul D. Hamerman and Claire Schooley, Forrester Research Forrester Research

What is continuous performance management?

Continuous performance management is a process where employees exchange lightweight, ongoing feedback and managers and employees have frequent coaching conversations. Leading companies switch from traditional to continuous performance management to drive high performance and ensure everyone's moving in the same direction.


Why continuous performance management?

With BetterWorks, there's no headache-inducing, multi-step performance management process – just the feedback and coaching opportunities your team needs.

Frequent Conversations

BetterWorks Conversations makes it easy for managers and employees to exchange regular, meaningful feedback, ensuring that personal development and growth are part of your culture.

Ongoing Peer Feedback

Employees want real-time feedback from the right people. BetterWorks ensures the feedback you’re giving and receiving is actually connected to the work that matters.

Easy to Manage

Drive change without adding more work for you or your people – BetterWorks easily automates processes that are currently done manually. Think of us as your one-stop platform for continuous performance management.

BetterWorks was exactly what we needed to address cooperation, collaboration, transparency, agility – all the pieces we were trying to fix in our performance system. Sharon Kaufman, Chief People Officer GetWellNetwork

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