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Leading Healthcare Technology Company Takes a Visionary Approach to Align Daily Tasks With Strategic Objectives

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The Business Challenge

A leading digital healthcare solutions firm focusing on medication management has been instrumental in driving the digital transformation of the healthcare industry. Its expertise enables seamless connections between providers, patients, and healthcare institutions to enhance the quality and coordination of care.

The company’s leadership knew that to retain its industry position, it would need to tear down operational silos and align all employees to achieve its strategic objectives. Driven by an unwavering commitment to continual improvement, leaders understood the importance of enabling transparency and accountability throughout the organization. They wanted a process that clearly conveyed strategic goals to all teams to ensure that individual roles aligned with the firm’s broader business objectives. Operational silos within vital departments occasionally resulted in fragmented efforts and less-than-ideal outcomes.

“Comprehensive visibility was crucial, allowing us to set clear deadlines and milestones,” noted a senior application manager who played a pivotal role in the program’s design and implementation. “This transparency would ensure that if certain objectives weren’t met, teams could recognize how it might affect our broader goals.” 

Before adopting Betterworks, the workforce had a broad understanding of their company’s aims. However, the connection between their individual roles and these objectives was not always clear.

The Solution

To foster a transparent culture and make sure everyone was rowing in the same direction, the company collaborated with Betterworks to adopt an objectives and key results (OKRs) model. This journey began with defining organization-wide goals, and collective brainstorming sessions refined these objectives to focus on priority areas.

In collaboration with Betterworks, the company customized subsequent goal setting for specific departments, emphasizing the functional and tactical facets of each team’s role beyond mere aspirations. “Ensuring every employee, regardless of their position, can visualize these objectives and understand how their duties contribute is vital,” explained the company’s head of communications. This methodology motivates all team members to evaluate how their tasks can advance company goals, prompting them to set personal objectives in line with this vision.

The company emphasized the importance of regular data collection and input, a requirement made clear during leadership meetings. The Betterworks interface displayed the intricate web of interconnected goals, underscoring the significance of keeping goals regularly updated. 

Betterworks also transformed the way leaders managed performance. Data from the platform provided a comprehensive view of employees’ contributions, making conversations between managers and their direct reports more productive and valuable.

The Impact

Accountability originates from the top and filters down, but the company’s goals are not just top-down. The transparency that Betterworks enables encourages inter-departmental collaboration and goal setting. For instance, the company’s marketing teams are able to align their objectives with sales to improve execution and outcomes. 

Today, the company also uses the visibility Betterworks provides to refine its goals. This ensures that the tasks employees tackle are impactful and contribute to growth. With clear direction, employees align their roles to the desired company trajectory. 

Post-implementation, employees have demonstrated a more profound understanding of their role in achieving the firm’s strategic goals. With better clarity, they are empowered to prioritize tasks with the most significant strategic relevance. In essence, all employees have recognized the broader significance of their daily tasks and are more motivated than ever to help the company achieve its top objectives.

“Regardless of their position, team members recognize how their contributions tie into the company’s broader objectives,” said a senior communications executive. “This newfound clarity has significantly boosted engagement and alignment with our mission.”

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