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12 Advanced Analytics Ideas to Level Up Your HR Dashboard

Unlock the power of people analytics to transform your workforce strategy

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Staying ahead means embracing the revolution brought by people analytics, and HR plays a pivotal role in this transformation. If you’re looking to navigate the abundance of people data effectively and leverage it for strategic decision-making, 12 Advanced Analytics Ideas to Level Up Your HR Dashboard is your essential guide.

This lookbook provides concrete ideas and expert advice on constructing a strategic people analytics dashboard that can significantly influence talent management, workforce planning, and organizational performance. And, you’ll get 12 sets of advanced analytics we think are invaluable in any HR dashboard.

Why this guide is a must-have:

  • Learn how people analytics elevates the HR function from administrative to strategic, influencing key business outcomes.
  • Gain insights into identifying and using the right analytics to make informed decisions that drive organizational success.
  • Uncover expert tips on designing an effective people analytics dashboard, tailored to your unique organizational needs.

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