APRIL 19, 2023

2022 Global HR Research Report: The State of Performance Enablement

Redefining performance management to develop top talent and reduce churn

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How can companies create a better employee experience, retain talent, and deliver the outcomes they need to thrive?

We surveyed thousands of employees and managers across the US and UK to create a comprehensive picture of how employees are thinking about their experience of work, their plans to stay or go, and how their employers are supporting their growth and success.

Key findings include:

  • Companies can do more to control voluntary churn
  • Counteroffers can be used more effectively to retain top talent
  • Employees feel trapped by rigid, out-of-date goals
  • To be effective, feedback and check-ins must include a connection to both goals and employee growth plans
  • Dedicated software tools are more effective — but having underperforming tools can be worse than having no tools at all

Overall, we found when companies provide a model of performance management inclusive of regular check-ins, continuous feedback, and agile goal setting, they are best positioned to support employees in the ways that matter most to them. Download the report to learn more about how you can enable great performance.

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