5 Employee Mobile Usage Statistics Your Company Can’t Ignore

By Betterworks
February 8, 2019
3 minute read

Millennials are gearing up to take over the workforce and they’re taking their mobile devices with them. 70% of millennials feel anxious when they’re away from their phones. When it comes to engagement and productivity in the office, organizations need to start thinking about how they’re going to incorporate employee mobile usage in the workplace if they want to grow, retain and engage their workforce.

Are you going to utilize mobile apps to keep employees on track? Or, are you going to ban them altogether? More HR professionals are agreeing that banning smartphones and employee mobile use while at work is outdated and doesn’t have a huge impact on increasing engagement. It’s time to brainstorm the potential advantages of incorporating mobile technology into employee engagement strategies.

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Let’s dive into what you can do to keep engagement and productivity on the rise without banning smartphones and employee mobile use. Get some productivity apps, feedback from your team and surveys together to see how these statistics can work for you!

Here Are the Facts

60% of the apps employees use at work are project related.

Interesting right? When you see an employee on their phone, they may not be surfing the internet or falling down the social media hole like you think they are. In fact, 60% of them are using their phones to do something work-related. You can boost this number in your workplace by offering work or project related apps for them to use. Apps like Slack, Google Drive and your project management platform are great additions to mobile use in the office.

9 in 10 employees who use business apps say their behavior as a professional has changed.

The great thing about encouraging employee mobile app usage at work is employees can take the technology with them wherever they go. In other words, employees can take their work with them when they go to conferences or meet clients off-site. You can get feedback and suggestions as they talk to clients or take notes. This instant feedback creates on-the-go employee development as organizational skills and accountability perceptions are cultivated.

A majority of employees keep their phones “within eye contact” at work.

82% of employees actually do this! Employees are constantly checking, seeing and reflexing when a message lights up or when a meeting notification pops up. Why not ensure they’re seeing something that’s relevant to their project rather than the cute puppies someone in their circle just posted on Instagram? Keep an open conversation with your employees about what “productive mobile time” is. Let them know you’re ok with them using their mobile devices for work activities, but they need to have their deliverables in by the end of each day.

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Are organizations are too slow at incorporating apps into their business model? 59% of employees think so.

There’s an app for everything. If you’re not one to use apps to keep your daily life organized, keep in contact with people or update you on major events, you’re missing the mark with your employees. Keep your employees happy and in the loop by adopting critical apps that can let employees give and receive feedback, keep in contact and be on time for important meetings.

60% of employees have seen an increase in their personal productivity as a direct result of department-specific apps.

Even if there’s not an app for everything, you can make a project management app or feedback app work for almost any department. Create groups, projects and tasks in a general company app so you can quickly see what everyone is up to and give feedback as you go. Engagement and productivity are sure to increase as a result.

So, what do you think? Employee mobile usage isn’t such a bad thing, right? It just has a bad stigma around it. Mobile use in the office is inevitable. Make sure your employees are using to their advantage by incorporating helpful apps and feedback strategies.

Still unsure about how to make employee mobile usage in your office beneficial? Talk to us and see how we can help!


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