Live Webinar

Key to Workplace Happiness: Employee Experience

Explore the Connection Between Happiness, Employee Experience, and Success


Thursday, August 20
9:30 AM PDT

Insights from Alan Colquitt and Arnaud Grunwald

Lots of people are talking about “happiness” at work. Some say work is making us unhappy and even sick, that if we were happier, we and our companies would be better off. But others say our obsession with happiness is making us miserable and we should pay more attention to performance instead of happiness. Is it worth it to focus on happiness?

The experiences our employees have contribute to their happiness and their success. Recent research on the “resolution” of these experiences may surprise you.  Join us August 20th for a live webinar, Key to Workplace Happiness: Employee Experience, where we will explore the connection between happiness, employee experience and individual and company success.

Hosted by:

Alan Colquitt
Independent Consultant and Advisor, Affiliate Research Scientist at The Center for Effective Organizations at USC

Alan is a leading authority on performance management. He is the author of “Next Generation Performance Management: The Triumph of Science over Myth and Superstition” and is a frequent speaker at conferences and special events. He advises companies on how to motivate high performance in their workforces.


Arnaud Grunwald
Chief Strategy Officer, Engagement at Betterworks

B2B Analytics expert, currently working on linking People Performance and Employee Engagement to help organizations better retain their top performers and engage their workforces to exceed their business objectives.

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