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Wisdom Wednesday: Checking in With Your Check-ins

OKR experts Reid Koster and Brett Knowles Explore Ideas for Optimizing Your Check-in Strategy


Wednesday, August 19
9:00 AM PDT

Insights from Reid Koster and Brett Knowles

As the betterworks OKR Practice Lead, Reid Koster teaches organizations to scale our product company-wide and translates strategy into a frontline employee experience. His guest, Brett Knowles, has years of corporate strategy expertise and shows firsthand how OKRs work with executives at the highest level. Between the two of them, they have an arsenal of practical tips to share about OKRs and workplace synergy.

Join us for Wisdom Wednesday where Reid and Brett will have an open discussion around a common theme and answer questions from our attendees. This week’s theme: Checking in With Your Check-Ins. When’s the last time you asked yourself, “Are we using this time efficiently? What is this check-in accomplishing? How should check-ins work for different roles in the organization?” Brett and Reid will share some great ideas for optimizing your check-in time and strategy.

Hosted by:

Brett Knowles
Thought Leader, Consultant in Strategy Development and Execution

Brett is an advocate for the implementation of OKRs as a method for performance management and assists organizations in achieving sustainable improvement through the execution of strategic intent. He is the founder and leader of pm2 consulting firm.

Reid Koster
Practice Lead, OKRs at Betterworks

For the past four years, Reid has been designing OKR programs for organizations of all sizes and industry, and coaching executive teams to stretch for amazing results with OKRs. Reid is a bay area native and proud Tar Heel.


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