2023 Global HR Research Report: The State of Performance Enablement

Using Performance Enablement to Forge a Fairer Employee Deal
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Do employees feel like they’re getting back what they’re putting in?

The employee deal is about more than pay and rewards. It includes skills development, purpose, fairness, inclusion, culture, and more — and comprises the totality of the employee experience. We surveyed over 2000 employees, managers, and executives across the US and UK to comprehensively understand what’s working well and where companies are falling short.

Key highlights:

  • Employees are feeling positive but are still eyeing the exit door
  • Bias in performance management is lowering employee feelings of belonging and increasing distrust
  • A significant percentage of employees see performance management as a failure at their organizations and a waste of time
  • Most employees want to grow in their current roles but don’t get the career development they crave
  • A sense of fairness colors the entire employee experience
  • Managers feel ill-equipped to coach their employees for career development and want more support from their organizations
  • The right performance enablement leads to higher productivity, confidence, and engagement

When companies optimize performance enablement with dedicated tools for performance and development, they elevate and empower their people, their culture, and their business. Download the report to discover how to reimagine performance to meet employee expectations in the new world of work.

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