Peer Feedback

Receive peer feedback from the right people at the right time. When your employees give and receive lightweight feedback throughout the year, they’re more likely to succeed at work.

Give and Receive
Ongoing Feedback

Make exchanging feedback easy and lightweight. Quickly give or receive feedback in real time. Focus feedback on relevant meetings, goals and projects. Give feedback on-the-go in the mobile app.

Conduct 360 Reviews

Exchange feedback with anyone in the organization. Give relevant feedback to colleagues after meetings. Make feedback two-way between managers and direct reports. Allow for skip level feedback.

Create a Feedback Culture

Empower employees to give and receive feedback. Use feedback to contextualize performance reviews. Encourage cross-functional collaboration across the company. Identify high-achieving performers.

Manage Feedback
Across the Company

Easily administer conversations across the organization. Create and send customized conversation templates. Automate scheduled reminders. Gain insights on employees’ career goals.

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