This Week: Feedback In Two Steps, EQ Vs. IQ, and Top Trends in Workplace Culture

By Betterworks
July 25, 2019
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This week, we explore how to teach emotional intelligence, review a two-step approach to giving better feedback, learn how to tackle employee dissatisfaction and hear what HR leaders have to say about benefits, health tech, and more. 

This week’s growth quote:

“The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.” 

-Bruce Lee

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How Training Bolsters Relationships and Builds EQ

HR Technologist

Emotional intelligence (EQ) in the workplace is essential—improving or downgrading every interaction, project, or collaboration. And it can be taught, so learn how to upgrade your team’s EQ and get buy-in for EQ training.

When Giving Negative Feedback, Stick to the Facts


Want to give better feedback? This article lays out a two-step approach that’s easy to implement and digest. Start with the specifics—what happened and when—then move to how it made you feel. Clear parameters help people lower their defenses and hear what we have to say.   

Employee Engagement Isn’t The Key To a Healthy Workplace Culture – Instead, Aim For The Other E


If your employees are disengaged, look for the root cause. Following this trail will help you diagnose and respond to any deeper issues your staff is up against. Learn how to do this by opening channels of communication and creating a culture of transparency. 

Employers need to get smart with healthcare tech, and 9 other key SHRM takeaways

Employee Benefit News

HR leaders spoke to SHRM about the ten biggest trends in workplace culture. Read about which benefits employees really care about, the alternative to annual performance reviews, and the power of onsite clinics. 


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