This Week: Combatting Coronavirus, Kind Layoffs and Age Diversity

By Betterworks
March 6, 2020
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This week, we hear from the Chairman of JetBlue about the kindest ways to fire an employee, learn how to mitigate the Coronavirus in the workplace, explore different ways to keep baby boomers engaged at work and take a five-minute primer on good leadership.

This week’s growth quote:

“Growth itself creates the germ of happiness”

Pearl S. Buck

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Firing with Compassion


If you’ve ever fired someone, this is the article for you. Joel Peterson, JetBlue Chairman, has been on both sides of the firing equation and he’s sharing a career’s worth of insights on how to lessen the blow when you let someone go. 

Coronavirus and Other Communicable Diseases


Rumors about the Coronavirus are spreading faster than the illness. Here’s a one-stop-shop of factual, reliable and verified resources to help you reduce the spread of the Coronavirus at work and limit the business implications. 

5 Success Skills Every Leader Needs to Instill in Their Employees


We could all use a five-minute primer on what makes a good leader. This article gives readers a quick reminder of the most important actions a leader can take. Dip into this piece for a refresher on the subjects of grit, self-awareness, and mindset.

Why Age Diversity Is Important For Business


Diversity comes in many forms and age is one of them. As employees retire later, companies need to know how to keep baby boomers engaged, while making sure that younger generations at work have room to grow.  
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