The State of Employee Engagement in 2019 – Where Do You Stand?

By Betterworks
July 30, 2019
2 minute read

Find out how your engagement levels & strategies match up against your peers

Successful organizations understand that their workforce is their most valuable asset. Employee engagement is essential in maximizing the impact of that asset and developing a competitive advantage, positively affecting everything from culture and productivity to an organization’s product quality and revenue streams.

To better understand the importance of engagement and how organizations can leverage its power, we’ve partnered with the HR Research Institute to create The State of Employee Engagement in 2019.

With insights gathered from over 500 HR professionals across a variety of industries, you’ll gain an understanding of better employee engagement and how your engagement levels compare to your organizational peers. More importantly, our report details engagement’s impact on organizations, and how enterprises can improve their engagement strategies.

Far-Reaching Research

As discussed in our report, many organizations still struggle to implement effective employee engagement initiatives. In fact, most of the HR professionals polled in the survey believe fewer than 70% of their employees are engaged, and less than half feel their employees give discretionary effort. Workers that lack a deeper connection to an organization, its vision, and its goals will not go above and beyond, limiting the success of the organization itself.

However, our research also uncovered several ways that organizations can improve their engagement levels and culture, reduce attrition, and optimize productivity. In The State of Employment Engagement in 2019, we uncover several key takeaways to help maximize employee engagement levels, including:

  • Management’s critical role in developing, fostering, and improving engagement
  • Why consistently measuring engagement breeds success
  • The linkage between the employee experience and engagement
  • How recognition and career growth opportunities drive engagement
  • The importance of leadership and HR working in tandem to improve engagement

Download our report, The State of Employee Engagement in 2019, to help drive engagement levels in your own organization and prepare your workforce, stakeholders, and leadership for a successful future. There’s no time like the present to leverage the full potential of a highly engaged and productive employee base.