The 2020 Employee Engagement Planning Guide

By Betterworks
January 30, 2020
< 1 minute read

At this point, it’s no secret that employee engagement is a requisite for success. What might have sounded like hyperbole to organizations in years past – greater engagement drives productivity, retention, culture, job satisfaction, and more – is now a way of life if you want to grow your business and distinguish your organization from the competition. But where, exactly, does an organization new to employee engagement strategies even begin?

That’s exactly why we’ve created our 2020 Employee Engagement Planning Guide – to give you a step-by-step blueprint on how to design, implement, and leverage an insightful engagement survey strategy. As you’ll see after reading our guide, improved engagement isn’t as far away as you might think if you’re well-prepared and thorough. In fact, using our guide as a compass, an insightful survey program that gives your decision-makers accurate, timely information could be just a few weeks away.

Rather than speaking in vague terms and providing generic advice, we discuss every step in the process in great detail, leaving no stone unturned for your HR leaders. Along with critical best practices, our guide covers essential topics, including:

  • Preparing your people & systems
  • Developing your overall engagement strategy
  • Creating your engagement surveys
  • Distributing surveys, gathering feedback results
  • Analyzing & segmenting your feedback data
  • Formulating action plans
  • Gauging impact & building on your success!

Employee engagement is the key any organization needs to unlock a more satisfying employee experience. Unfortunately, less than a quarter of today’s HR leaders feel their organization excels at creating one. That said, our 2020 Employee Engagement Planning Guide is a differentiator between you and the competition. With our insights leading the way, 2020 can be the year your people propel your organization toward the potential you’ve always known it had.