Introducing ‘Betterworks Team Edition’ for Small and Midsize Businesses

By Sam Osborn
August 14, 2019
3 minute read

Betterworks is proud to announce Team Edition, an all-new product that offers an economical, self-service package of selected performance management tools. These tools are tailored to serve the needs of individual enterprise teams and small to midsize businesses looking to increase alignment, accountability, and performance. 

Agile organizations are dependent on the ability of their employees to perceive, react and adapt to changes in the environment to continually improve performance. Forward-thinking operational leaders recognize that their organization’s performance management process fuels the ongoing motivation and engagement of their workforce, and Team Edition brings the latest advances in performance management technology and practices to companies that may not have been able to previously access them. Team Edition supports multiple aspects of a Continuous Performance Management process including OKRs and Check-In Conversations, and allows convenient online purchase.

“A continuous process of transparent OKRs coupled with ongoing conversations between employees and managers for alignment and coaching can be transformational for any organization. However, for smaller teams and growing organizations, the right technology to support these processes was often out of reach,” said Anup Yanamandra, chief product officer at Betterworks. “Team Edition is a streamlined, self-service solution giving these smaller businesses and teams access to the technology and services they need to succeed, including live group and on-demand support for program design and getting their team rolled out.” 

Team Edition allows up to 100 people on a team to successfully set aspirational goals in the form of Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) and transparently track their progress towards them. The solution also facilitates continuous conversations between employees and managers that ensure ongoing skill development and performance improvement.

Features of Betterworks Team Edition Include: 

Goal/OKR Setting and Alignment

  • Create and communicate top company goals so all employees can align their work to top priorities
  • Transparently track and communicate progress towards the top company, departmental, cross-functional team and personal goals 
  • Achieve needed visibility into cross-functional team goals and progress including each employee’s role and impact

Regular Conversations for Alignment and Real-time Course Corrections

  • Ensure every employee’s goals align to top company priorities with manager/employee conversations at the start of each quarter
  • Schedule mid-quarter goal progress check-in conversations for real-time course corrections to improve goal attainment 
  • Conversation templates support managers with the right questions to facilitate each crucial conversation for better business outcomes 

Self-service Support and In-product Guides

  • Live group and on-demand webinars to help you design and successfully roll out your OKR and conversations program
  • Anytime access to an online knowledge base and community support
  • In-product coaching guides your team through every process

Team Edition is now available for purchase directly from Betterworks, with both quarterly and annual plans available. Customers who may wish to scale to Betterworks’ full enterprise solution and services in the future are able to do so seamlessly.

“Our objective for Team Edition is to allow smaller and growing companies to experience the benefits of OKRs and continuous conversations in a way that is successful and cost-effective for them,” said Doug Dennerline, chief executive officer at Betterworks. “These processes require dedicated technology to support them, and we’re excited to expand our offerings to enable us to support the success of organizations and teams of every size.”

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