Betterworks’ Customers Share Their Secrets to Continuous Performance Management® Success

By Sam Osborn
September 25, 2019
2 minute read

Organizations are increasingly relying on Continuous Performance Management to motivate, develop and align their workforce and execute on business-critical goals such as: 

  • Aligning around and achieving the top goals and priorities of the organization
  • Increasing employee engagement
  • Attracting and retaining top talent
  • Training the workforce on skills needed for businesses to succeed today 
  • Developing the workforce to meet future needs and skill requirements
  • Creating, nurturing and sustaining a feedback culture

Research and insights from the top HR industry and technology analysts and experts validate that a Continuous Performance Management process, supported by the right HR technology, can deliver these desired business outcomes. However, making the transition to a continuous performance model can be challenging as it requires adopting new tools and processes, additional training throughout the organization and ongoing support from senior leadership. 

At Betterworks, we’ve helped hundreds of companies successfully transition to a continuous approach. Many leaders from these organizations (which include Vertiv, Opera Solutions, and others) have written articles for leading HR publications about their strategies and tactics when it comes to performance management. To help their peers in the HR space, we’ve compiled some of the top lessons learned by these forward-thinking professionals who have ‘been there and done that.’ Every one of the authors featured in this guide are Betterworks customers who have successfully deployed continuous performance programs in their own organizations. In their own words, these experts will share critical insights and key learnings such as: 

  • How to build a performance program that increases your organization’s agility and ability to consistently meet goals
  • Why designing a performance management system that focuses on the value to employees increases employee engagement and overall program effectiveness
  • How to gain and maintain support for these initiatives from top executives
  • The importance of an agile goals process, and how to implement and optimize one
  • Why lightweight, frequent conversations between managers and employees are vastly more effective than annual reviews in actually improving workforce performance

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