Betterworks Engage joins the 500Startups family!

By Betterworks
February 9, 2017
2 minute read

Employee Listening & Engagement just became #500Strong

Creating and growing Betterworks Engage has been a great ride so far. We started this journey in June 2015 with the vision of transforming how companies listen to their employees. The journey, as expected, has included all the highs and lows that entrepreneurs sign up for. But, as the journey progressed, the highs have become higher and more frequent and the lows, not as low and less frequent. The highs have been especially sweet when it involved great companies such as InMobi, Hodes, Hero Motors, Michelin etc. validating our vision by signing on as customers. Another great high for us Bleu Capital decided to back us last year. And yesterday, we announced another great high, that of joining the 500Startups team.

A common theme, uniting our customers, has been that top-down listening with annual surveys alone no longer work. They have realized that in this age of the real-time feedback and on-demand apps, listening to your most valuable investment, your people, just once per year in a top-down manner no longer cuts it. And, Betterworks Engage has been able to help them listen to their people. We have done that by enabling real-time, bottom-up, crowd-sourced feedback and ideas from employees combined with top-down pulse surveys. By mining this gold mine of data, we deliver insights to Management and HR, powered by machine-learning driven analytics to hone in critical areas they need to address now, as opposed to a year later.

So, in early January, when we were selected to be part of the exclusive set of companies invited to join the 500Startups family, we knew this could be a game changer. Part of the joy was in the being part of the story that Silicon Valley legend, Dave McClure, started. It was also great to know that the 500 team out of San Francisco, led by Marvin Liao, had gone through a rigorous process in selecting the 40+ companies. This involved vetting 2500+ applications, personally interviewing 250+ companies and finally selecting the 40+ companies that joined Batch 20 with us. But, the two key factors that really got us pumped to be part of the 500 family was their emphasis on growth and their values.

While the 500Statups values are self-explanatory, I’ll just say that it fits very neatly with how we approach the world. But, the stage that Betterworks Engage is at, growth is what we live and breathe. With happy customers who are providing us feedback and ideas on a weekly basis, the most immediate area of focus is for us to get this new approach of listening in front of increasing numbers of CEOs, CHROs, CXOs and HR Leaders. The 500Startups seed program is known for their single minded focus on growth. And, already in the last couple of weeks that we have been in our new digs at the SF office, they have helped us focus like a laser on key metrics that can continue to accelerate us faster.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for more updates on our 500Startups journey over the next few months.