Dos Toros Taqueria Uses Betterworks Engage to Help Guide Its Explosive Growth

By Betterworks
May 1, 2019
< 1 minute read

Employee feedback plays a critical role in periods of hyper-growth. As discussed in our new case study, Dos Toros Taqueria Uses Betterworks Engage to Help Guide Its Explosive Growth, Dos Toros uses feedback as an essential tool to continually monitor and foster the culture and employee engagement that is so pivotal to its goals, vision, and mission.

The case study, written from Dos Toros’ unique perspective and insights, discusses the different ways the rapidly-growing enterprise uses feedback to optimize their service and culture through a satisfying and robust employee experience, especially as the organization evolves and expands.

After reading our newest study, the reader will have a better understanding of the many ways that an effective feedback platform positively impacts management, a workforce, culture, and engagement, including topics like:

  • A more positive employee experience affects customer satisfaction and the bottom line
  • Challenges and solutions in developing engagement across a multi-lingual staff
  • How stronger engagement increases communication and reduces information silos
  • The role people metrics play in identifying trends in the workforce and quickly addressing any rising issues
  • A feedback solution that integrates SMS and other mobile channels is critical for a deskless workforce
  • How the Betterworks Engage feedback and employee engagement platform has allowed Dos Toros to maintain its core philosophies in the face of rapid growth

As you’ll see, our partnership with Dos Toros has been instrumental in helping the unique and dynamic organization continually develop its employee experience, both in its individual locations as well as the enterprise itself. With tools like our surveys and polls along with the Hyphen Customer Success team, an intuitive interface, and tailored solution sets, Dos Toros’ immersive culture and engaging employee experience will power its growth well into the future.