Customer Q&A: GEA on Adoption and Engagement

By Betterworks
October 19, 2015
3 minute read

Grupo el Angel, or GEA, has been a leading funeral services provider for 28 years, with more than 200 employees and four business units located in Mexico. GEA has been recognized as one of the 100 best companies to work for in Mexico for the past two years.

Since the company launched with Betterworks, Grupo el Angel has been experiencing explosive engagement. With the newfound organizational alignment and increased social interactions, GEA is making strides to become the market leader in employee engagement and building a great company culture. We interviewed Ricardo Anaya, Director of GEA, to get the inside scoop on what’s driving the wildly successful adoption.

How did your company adopt Betterworks so quickly?  

Ricardo: We had a great implementation team. I’m really proud of their work. Two people in the company, Karina and Carla, did a great job helping our employees understand the Betterworks platform and how their daily work contributes to the company’s objectives.

We performed several sessions with every team in order to help them understand OKRs, set up their goals and understand the value of Betterworks. When we arrived at that point, it made perfect sense to our employees why they would use the platform.

Could you talk a little more about these sessions? What is the value of Betterworks that your employees saw?

We tried to understand why everyone in the company would want to incorporate OKRs and Betterworks into their daily work. We emphasized a few points:

  • Professional maturity: We called it that because we wanted to empower our team. They should be their own bosses, responsible for their objectives and recognized for achieving those objectives.
  • Understanding and recognition: This was especially important for departments that weren’t recognized as they should have been like HR or IT. It’s crucial for you to know that you are important for the team and your work actually contributes to something bigger. It’s also important to know where the company is going.
  • Transparency and justice: Everybody knows what everybody is working on. You can even know what the CEO is doing, and if he is doing okay. People like an environment where there’s justice and transparency.

We made a great effort for people to understand and agree with the overall objectives before we started.

How did you get your employees to consistently use Betterworks?

We tried to make it fun. We wanted people to use it, not because they have to, but because they want to. We approached it kind of like a social network for work. First, we asked everybody to put a nice, funny picture as their profile picture—one that reflects something about themselves.

We also developed weekly and monthly competitions. In order to participate, you need at least three check-ins, three cheers sent, three views and at least one cheer received. And you have to check in at least every Friday. The winners with the most overall activity receive movie tickets and a crown on their profile picture, showing them as the queen or king of the week. Every week, the winners change. Nobody wants to give up their crown, so they keep trying to win again.

What is your favorite feature?

It’s hard to find one. I love that I can check in to several objectives at one time. I also really like the email notifications and the weekly update.

What do you hope will happen six months from now by managing your goals on a system like Betterworks?

We hope that Betterworks will help improve our objectives and understanding of those objectives. We want all our teams to set up their own goals so that 95% of the company will be able to explain to another person how their work rolls up to company objectives. We hope that this will drive us in areas like communication and credibility. We are currently on Mexico’s “100 Best Places to Work” list, curated by the Great Place To Work Institute, but we want to be in the Top 10. We think Betterworks can help us get there!


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