Betterworks Twitter Polls: The Critical Ingredients of a Strong Culture and Employee Motivation

By Sam Osborn
September 3, 2019
2 minute read

At Betterworks, we know that a company’s culture doesn’t just describe the environment in which your employees work; it is also the personality of your organization. And just like any good personality, company culture should run deep, as it’s a very important component of what attracts talent to your organization.   

Particularly for millennial employees, who now make up nearly half of the workforce, company culture is a major determining factor in their career choices. To that end, crafting and sustaining a culture that fuels sustained motivation is one of HRs most critical responsibilities. 

We recently conducted a Twitter Poll where we asked our followers what they felt were the most critical elements of a strong culture. Our key learnings: diversity & inclusiveness, work-life balance, and opportunities for growth are the clear front-runners. 


The question we asked to the public was “what’s the most important aspect of Company Culture to you?” The responses were: 

  • Diversity & inclusiveness – 31%
  • Work-life balance – 31%
  • Growth opportunities – 38%

When properly established, structured and communicated around, a company’s culture can be a powerful tool for increasing the performance of an organization. When managers and employees are aligned around goals and business priorities and equipped with the tools they need to make their conversations worthwhile for feedback and career development, companies can create a “Culture of Performance” that can help ensure their long-term competitive advantage

A strong company culture can also contribute to a motivated workforce, your most valuable asset. Motivated employees work hard on what matters (to them and to the business), are agile and adaptable, and meet today’s goals while developing themselves for tomorrow’s challenges. So what makes up a motivated employee? Again, we conducted a Twitter poll to learn what keeps them motivated throughout the week:

We learned a few new things, including that the greatest number of people (33%) reported that they derive their motivation from their team, again reinforcing the need for a strong company culture. However, the other two results were less surprising. Goals (25%), positive feedback (25%) and coaching from managers are all elements of the Five Key Employee Motivators.  

We were thrilled to get this valuable feedback from the public about what keeps people motivated and thriving at work. Stay tuned for more Twitter Polls from Betterworks!

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