Betterworks Engage Helps Mott Improve Engagement and Culture Across a Diverse Workforce

By Betterworks
Updated on May 6, 2022
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Manufacturers have specific challenges that can impact their culture and impede employee engagement unless they have effective tools to overcome these issues. In our most recent case study, Betterworks Engage Helps Mott Improve Engagement and Culture Across a Diverse Workforce, we take a closer look at some of the pain points common to the manufacturing sector and the many ways our feedback and engagement solutions provide powerful solutions.

Unlocking the Potential of a Deskless Workforce

As discussed in the case study, our client, Mott, wanted to better communicate with its largely deskless workforce to foster its culture, reinforce the workers’ importance to the organization, and develop a system to identify areas that needed improvement. Like many within the manufacturing sector, Mott was looking for the tools needed to unlock the full potential of its deskless workforce.

Unique Challenges, Innovative Solutions

Our case study examines the specific challenges that Mott needed a feedback solution to address, ranging from inflexible and outdated tools to management’s desire to better understand the perceptions of its employees.

Betterworks Engage Helps Mott Improve Engagement and Culture Across a Diverse Workforce provides insights into the benefits our solutions bring to manufacturers as well as organizations from all industries, including:

  • The importance of mobile technology for a deskless workforce
  • Specific feedback tools available to improve culture, engagement, and productivity
  • Best practices to empower employees with a consistent, strong voice
  • Tools that transform people analytics to informed, targeted decision-making

Mott is already reaping the rewards of our feedback and engagement tools, using the Betterworks Engage platform to enhance career development, management, engagement, safety, and security across the organization. With our case study to lead the way, our feedback solutions can do the same for your organization, no matter its size or industry.