Betterworks Engage Helps Millennial Workforce Thrive At Dream11, India’s First Gaming Unicorn

By Betterworks
Updated on September 21, 2022
2 minute read

Periods of hypergrowth present both opportunities and threats, creating expanded revenue streams and market share, but also jeopardizing an organization’s culture and core beliefs. In our recent case study, we examine how an effective feedback system addresses issues that might otherwise erode culture and engagement during hypergrowth, especially in a younger employee base.

Millennials Thrive Under Active, Involved Management

Dream11 is India’s first gaming unicorn and a company dependent on a largely millennial workforce. Management recognized the need to reinforce communication with its young employee base as the organization experienced 100% year-over-year growth. Dream11 places its culture, beliefs, and employee engagement at the center of every decision, making their preservation an absolute necessity as the enterprise grew.

Challenged by Growth, Empowered By Feedback

Younger employee segments want leadership to hear their voices and consider them during the decision-making process. Without the proper tools, management can quickly lose touch with their workforce during rapid growth, threatening the culture and core beliefs that helped create that growth in the first place.

As detailed in our case study, Dream11 was looking for a feedback solution that offered both simplicity and impact, empowering employees and leadership alike through specific attributes, including:

  • Intuitive & visual UI for fast decision-making
  • Anonymity to preserve trust
  • Mobile-enabled for convenience and higher participation rates
  • Ability to automate onboarding feedback to improve employee assimilation
  • Essential tools like heatmaps, pulse polls, sentiment analysis, and others for maximum insight

Since adopting the Betterworks Engage platform, Dream11 has realized an 80% participation rate in their feedback program, also becoming one of Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work for 2019. Dream11 was able to secure their culture and foster employee engagement, even during extraordinary growth, with the help of Betterworks Engage. Using our market-leading feedback solutions, you can do the same for your enterprise, no matter the challenges you face.