Betterworks Celebrates Best Western for Their Outstanding Employee Recognition

By Sam Osborn
April 1, 2020
2 minute read

National Employee Appreciation Day was Friday, March 6th. As part of our effort to encourage our customers to celebrate the achievements and hard work of their employees, Betterworks promised to donate on behalf of our customer who gave the most recognition to their employees using the Betterworks Recognition feature during the week of March 2nd – 6th by donating on their behalf to a charity of their choice.

We’re excited to announce that the results of that contest are in! Best Western took the top slot with 22% of their users receiving recognition; this marks a 10x increase in recognition activity month over month. Honorable mention goes to Vertiv and Kindred Group, both of whom also saw a significant uptick in the amount of employee recognition given during that same time period. 

“We’re thrilled to have seen our employees giving so much recognition to each other; they work hard and we want to be sure the outcomes of that work are seen, felt and celebrated,” said Andrew Roundtree, senior manager of human resources at Best Western International. “We’re excited that Betterworks is celebrating that achievement by donating to Best Western for a Better World.

When employees feel that their work is valued and recognized, their satisfaction and productivity rise and they are motivated to seek higher levels of achievement. However, it’s important that that recognition doesn’t just happen once a year. At Betterworks, we believe that every day should be Employee Appreciation Day, and that recognition of the fruits of their work should happen at every opportunity. 

“Now more than ever, recognizing the hard work of your employees is critical,” said Doug Dennerline, CEO at Betterworks. “In times such as we’re experiencing now it’s important to band together and celebrate your wins, and we’re happy for the opportunity to practice what we preach and support the Best Western for a Better World charity.”


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