Announcing New Platform Integrations with Salesforce and Workday

By Tyler Durrett
May 20, 2015
2 minute read

At Betterworks, we help people and companies succeed by facilitating transparency around important business initiatives and metrics.

In addition to providing this foundation via goals, we’re building a more connected ecosystem to enhance the relevance of data and conversations around work. We’re excited to announce two integrations—both available today—that will help businesses be more efficient in their workflows: Salesforce and Workday.

Salesforce and Betterworks Integration

First up, BetterWorks users can now automate the updating of current goal values by connecting them to Salesforce reports. We know users will love this ability for a few important reasons:

  • Goals that are proven to be the most successful include measurable targets. By connecting to the work that’s being done in Salesforce, BetterWorks can automatically update the values tied to these targets to provide an accurate reflection of progress against that goal.
  • Updating work in two systems is manual and doesn’t scale. By connecting goals to Salesforce, users only need to enter data once, but will still get continuous credit for their work delivered in the format of goal progress, dashboards, reports, and weekly digests delivered directly to their manager’s inbox.
  • The connection to the Salesforce platform provides executives with a real-time view of the progress on major initiatives in one place, with a flexible level of granularity.
  • Connected goals provide visibility into the status of cross-functional projects that live in systems some stakeholders don’t normally use. Now, an engineering leader can gain direct insight into their company’s sales pipeline and get informed on enhancements that might be necessary to support the company’s major deals.


At Betterworks, we’ve been drinking our own champagne by integrating our goals with Salesforce reports. In fact, four out of our six top company goals (leads, sales, renewals, and usage) are completely automated, giving the entire company visibility into real-time metrics that drive our business. For companies that value privacy around sales metrics, connected goals can also be private to specific people or groups to maintain the security of the initiative.

If you’re interested in the integration, visit our Salesforce AppExchange listing or contact your Customer Success Manager for more information.

BetterWorks Workday Connector

Our second new integration available today is with the leading human resource information system (HRIS) system, Workday. The connector keeps BetterWorks organizational data in sync with your company’s Workday user data, so any changes to your users, like new hires or adjustments to reporting structures, are updated instantly in the BetterWorks platform.

We’re excited to make this new connector available, especially since more than 50% of our customers use Workday as their HRIS. The integration enables a seamless transfer of data between the two systems and reduces tedious manual work required to keep user information up to date. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager to get it set up for your account.

What’s next?

Salesforce and Workday are just a few of the many integrations we have planned for 2015—let us know what connections you’d like to see next in the comments below!


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