32 Solutions to HR Challenges In the Manufacturing Industry

By Betterworks
January 22, 2019
< 1 minute read

The manufacturing industry is in the midst of an evolutionary upheaval that has much of it caught between traditional methods and a new perspective on commerce. Betterworks Engage understands the push-and-pull dynamic causing inefficiencies and operational issues throughout the entire industry and is lending its unique insights to find effective solutions.

In our new ebook, 32 Solutions to HR Challenges In the Manufacturing Industry, Betterworks Engage details several of the most common pain points felt in modern manufacturing. Building on an idea we’ve discussed in the past, our ebook provides practical and pertinent remedies for HR departments in search of ways to address many of the industry’s woes, including these six predominant challenges:

  • Workforce Shortage
  • Recruitment Challenges
  • Retention and Attrition
  • Low Employee Engagement
  • Global Competition
  • Training & Development

Along the way, we discuss the vital role that authentic, timely employee feedback and people analytics provide to manufacturing, improving everything from turnover rates to an organization’s culture and several points between.

From useful technology to recruiting millennials, onboarding strategies to prioritizing safety, Betterworks Engage’s ebook, 32 Solutions to HR Challenges In the Manufacturing Industry, is a comprehensive and indispensable guide to help HR lead manufacturers towards a productive and profitable future. As always, Betterworks Engage is proud to provide our insights and employee feedback solutions to shed a much-needed light for manufacturing enterprises looking for a clear pathway ahead.


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