Performance Review Software That

Employee performance reviews are typically a once- or twice-a-year grind that very few find value in, but nearly all dread.  Worst of all, they typically don’t actually improve performance — and sometimes they harm it.

Learn how Betterworks employee performance review software can help you stop the madness and deliver continual performance enablement employees crave and leadership expects.

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Betterworks outperforms all others


Better goal clarity, 


Better manager coaching


Fair and equitable performance reviews


Enabled to perform better

Intelligent Employee Review Software

Simplify Performance Reviews

Streamline review processes with templates, tools, AI, and integration with your core systems

Eliminate Stress and Surprises

Promote continual manager-employee conversations and feedback

Build Trust

Strengthen relationships through comprehensive and objective employee evaluations

Calibrate Effortlessly

Perform precise, unbiased calibrations year round

Make performance an easy lift for all

Trade backward-looking performance reviews for lighter performance discussions that help employees excel. Templates and AI tools make performance enablement easy to do. Application integrations make it seamless.

Promote lightweight, continuous conversations

Give managers the tools, templates, and guidance they need to be better coaches, engage in meaningful performance and development discussions with employees, and make ongoing performance enablement a reality.

Deliver unbiased performance reviews

Ready access to comprehensive data and notes on goal progress, performance and development conversations, peer feedback, and recognition enables managers to accurately and fairly assess employee performance.

Reward performance with streamlined calibration

Supercharge talent development by leveraging fair and data-based performance reviews with automated and customizable calibration that gives you the speed and simplicity to conduct calibration as often as you want.

Boost Performance and ROI in the Flow of Work

Seamlessly integrate Betterworks performance evaluation software with your global tech stack and make it accessible in the tools your teams use every day to maximize your return on investment and drive adoption and collaboration.

Large Enterprises Trust Betterworks

We are a global company, and our employee performance programs used to incorporate several different tools and approaches. Our challenge was to unify all of our performance management activity within one system, and with Betterworks we have been able to do it in the simplest and smoothest way we could find.

Roberta Gentile,
Director of Learning, Vertiv, Global Business Units

Betterworks Calibration gives us the ability to integrate strategic, forward-thinking talent planning processes within our existing business processes. Our leaders will be able to have our talent planning process seamlessly integrated within the performance management activities that they’re already doing, making it possible for us to agilely calibrate talent throughout the year.

Jeff Andes,
Vice President of Talent Management, University of Phoenix

Employee Performance Review Software That Elevates Employee Experience


Align your workforce with top strategic priorities and drive cross-functional collaboration through transparent goal setting and tracking.


Create a culture of continuous learning and development by shifting focus to timely and meaningful conversations and check-ins.

1:1 Meetings

Increase productivity through collaborative meeting agendas, decision tracking, and action items.

Feedback & Recognition

Set up employees for success with real-time feedback and inspire them through recognition.


Use data-driven insights to fairly and quickly evaluate employee performance, reduce bias, and identify opportunities to advance talent.

Employee Engagement

Elevate the employee experience, heighten trust, and make wise business decisions by gathering real-time feedback with engagement surveys. 

See the future performance management