Empower and Engage Your Employees

Let's face it, it's likely your employees don't love the traditional
performance review process. In fact:

With BetterWorks, employees feel more empowered and engaged through frequent goal setting, feedback and coaching conversations.

Timely, Useful Feedback

According to Forrester Research, “The typical annual or semi-annual cadence of performance reviews is not frequent enough to meet the changing pace of business.” Millennials comprise more than 1/3 of today’s workforce, and they want frequent, transparent, and actionable feedback — all of which they can get in BetterWorks.

Clear Goals and Milestones

Your employees are 42% more likely to achieve their goals by writing them down. In BetterWorks, they can set measurable goals and milestones, consistently update their progress, and even see other goals set throughout the organization. Hello motivated workforce!

Broader Context for Their Work

Without knowing how their goals contribute to the company’s mission — or even just their own team’s — employees lack larger context for their work and in turn, become unmotivated. By visualizing alignment throughout the organization, they can see how they’re making an impact.

Increased Recognition

69% of employees say they would work harder if they felt their efforts being better recognized. With the ability to tag employees with values or behaviors, you publicly recognize their efforts and achievements. In turn, they’ll appreciate the recognition and be more likely to succeed.

Career Development Opportunities

Every employee looks for career enrichment and potential growth. More frequent coaching conversations between managers and direct reports increases the chances of better career development for your employees.

Who Is Having Success With CPM?

Already 26% of companies have implemented CPM within their organizations, and another 55% of HR executives say they are planning to move to this approach. BetterWorks customers like BMW, Schneider Electric and A+E Networks are leading the CPM revolution. See how they use BetterWorks to empower employees:


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