Live Webinar

Chaos to Calm

Incorporating Mindfulness to Reduce Stress
and to Increase Performance


Wednesday, August 26
9:30 AM PT

How to provide tools to your employees so they can weather the storm

As 2020 has shown us, life is full of uncertainty. Whether it’s a global pandemic or even a new boss – employees need tools to support themselves through change and uncertainty in order to not only perform their best, but consistently perform.

In this 50-minute webinar you will learn:

  • How stress impacts the brain and body to optimize performance through uncertainty.
  • A mindfulness practice that restructures the brain for focus and concentration.
  • A workplace technique to decrease stress and handle uncertainty.

Hosted by:

Alexis Pokorny Kahlow
CEO, Performance Based Mindfulness Expert and Author

Alexis is a  12-year Cisco veteran. Alexis most recently ran Cisco’s NYC Financial Services Sales and Engineering business. She introduced mindfulness to her team which led to decreased turnover, improved culture and increased performance. Alexis also led Cisco’s global Mindfulness programs, delivering many small group workshops, as well as, public presentations to over 60,000 corporate employees.

Luanne Tierney
CMO Betterworks

Marketing Technology Executive. Seasoned Board Director and Advisor with broad depth of experience driving companies to best leverage technology, data, information, and the cloud in the digital age. Over 25 years in leadership, marketing strategy roles, driving growth through partner ecosystems.

Luanne helps companies create best-in-class connected marketing and sales organizations. She assists organizations in getting the most out of their people by developing great cultures and workplaces. She is an active Board Director and Advisor for both public and private companies. Luanne is a guest lecturer at Pepperdine Graziadio School of Business. She is active in multiple organizations that support and prepare women in technology to advance their careers. Luanne is a frequent speaker for industry events, leadership panels, and in university courses.

Join us on Aug 26th  for our webinar, Chaos to Calm, Incorporating Mindfulness to Reduce Stress and to Increase Performance, to learn how to use Mindfulness as a tool to help your employees weather any storm.

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